Who to feel and how to feel
Who to feel and how to say
What matters in the say
Who to feel and who to say
What difference does it

Matters who to hear and
Matters what and how they hear
Matters what and their power to do
Matters the value they see and hear here
Matters how they perceive this here
Matters who is safe to hear
Matters how to decide they’re safe
Matters how to reveal the risk of reveal
Matters the risk of life, freedom, of breath

Risk is real in reveal of life, of breath
Risk their power to do and be
Risk their cold heartless inconsiderate
Risk more words, tones, volumes and influx
Risk immense ongoing pain, suffering, confusion
Risk repeated devaluing identity, worth, value, humanity
Risk more damage, overwhelm, devastating, debilitating
Risk increasing that done to this
Risk the more intense pain never ending

Pain to be known
Pain to live, to breathe, always alone
Pain not be heard or considered
Pain never being understood
Pain being plowed over
Pain only being real in doing their want, expect
Pain, attack, failed and blamed not like them
Pain, value is perfect performance for them
Pain to not have a face, a voice