You are still blessed and highly favored.   Walk in the praises of Him and thanksgiving for all He has done and who He is and wants to be for you.

His promises are real and true and so is His presence with you even in times you may not feel it.   Hold to His promises and claim His victory.

His love is real and endures forever.   There are reasons He tells us to ” rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.”   We are taking time to honor and glorify Him.   It helps us to stay focused on Him and not the circumstance where the enemy wants our focus.   It keeps bringing us deeper into His presence for communion, for a purer, clearer relationship with and understanding of Him.   It allows new insights and revelation of His Word and helps us to receive and understand that new from Him. 

 In His presence, there is healing in our spirit and soul.   He has told us to “enter His gates with thanksgiving and courts with praise.”   It’s not just a feel-good thing; it is a choice to meet His desire of us through our obedience to rejoice and praise our Father God.   It is for Him too.   In His love, He is watching for and waiting for us to step into focus on Him and into the warm hug of His strong arms of His loving presence to strengthen and encourage us in relationship with Him.  

 In His presence, He has so much for us including refreshing, encouragement, and strengthening.    He is waiting for us to ask and receive all we are ready for and need and even more.    It’s our choice how deep we want to go with Him.    Even when the desire is there but we seem unable to praise and thank Him, even then the effort to lift the hand to Him and asking for His help is enough.   Even when all we can do is repeat the holy name of Jesus He hears our petition and meets us there.   There is unspeakable power in the name of Jesus and when we press in with Him we can soon speak praise and thanksgiving to Him.

Rise up.   Step in.   Be purposeful.   Reach and stretch toward Him.   Praise our most high God for who He is and all He has done past, present, and future.   Stand in Him.   The victory is in Him.