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To bring encouragement, understanding, and clarity, to hurting, misunderstood people and those in their journey.   

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It seems time to share some of my perceptions and understanding of my journey in life with and through deep trauma.   I want to start where my trek began.   I hope my writings will help others through their own journey and perhaps give some understanding to those who know someone that is walking a similar traumatized path.   It can be hard for survivors to talk about and explain what is going on within; plus so many times they can fear they will suffer the more for trying to explain to someone else.   There can be great fear, confusion, shame, even doubt if this is even real, feeling lost, isolated, and so much more…


The Forming Of My Journey

10/13/2020 As an adult, about seven years ago, I was finally able to start mourning for my fraternal twin brother and wept deeply for the first time from the loss of his presence, his movement, his sound, heartbeat, and I no longer had the awareness of him who had...

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Am I Real?

9/24/2020 I was sitting here and wishing someone was there I could call.   Somehow in the quiet, whether I heard your name soft, empty in me or to me within, no clue.   It seems the last few days have taken a toll somehow.   I have no memory of them and there is...

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1/14/18 Where is life? What is love? Is life in the feel or Is it merely thought? What are promises? Must life have action? Merely feel? Merely thought? Where does action fit in and What really is it?

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12/12/15 My thought is to write something from my perspective that one day might be of help to someone else who is going through similar things as I. Do I claim to have the “corner on the market” on this and similar challenges like this? No way. There are people out...

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