The issue is identity the issue is His Love. Love, the personality, needs an infusion of His love for her identity.

All these different attacks of the enemy in my face, in my being, in my life, is to keep me distracted from the next depth revelation of His love for me and the resting in, the abiding in, the overwhelming peace, the confidence, joy, acceptance, and more. He has tried to take my physical life many times in different ways, plus there have been different physical problems, the continual financial lack, the constant mental clouding and barrage, the emotional fraying and numbing, the isolation and rejection when Father has given and growing a heart in me for others and their wounds, their healing, freedom. The fast unto Father in Isaiah 58.

The ministry He showed me and let me experience some of through me before; He wants to open that door again to increase it, and the enemy is aware. Greater is HE who is in me than he who is in the world. I still say after all these years, Father exude through me at all times Your presence, Your Glory, Your Love. Hearts and lives are changed by Your very presence, Your blanket of Your love. Increase Father increase. Increase. The battle was won, and You are victorious. Teach me show me impregnate me with more of Your love. Thank you that there is no fear in Your love and there is the freedom to walk in what You have and accomplish it because of and through Your mighty and tender love.

Love finds joy in another and seeks what is the perceived best interest for that person and endeavors to complete it. Praise you Father for Your Love !!!