Free Flow Poem
2/6/21, Sat. 4:06a.m.

Who am I? Where am I?
What difference does it make?
None. Life goes on.

Who am I? Where am I?
Who’s to say?
Anyone, Everyone. All have their say.

Off again. On again.
What does it mean?
They notice the inconsistencies of me.

What did I think? What did I feel?
Did I think and did I feel?
Who is to say what if anything was there.

Off again. On again.
Where am I found?
Lost on the merry go round..

Here again. Gone again.
Lost in the view.
No one sees me. Not even you.

Spinning and jumping in the round and round.
Where will you find me?
On the ground? Oh No!

Spinning and jumping in the flow
Of me the merry go round.
On again. Off again, or so you think.

You don’t know of the inner spin of things.
Up again. Down again.
That flow too.

Opps there is flight in the spin!
Another’s reach has pulled them back in.
Another almost spun out to the speeding ground.

Off again. On again. Not really.
Just lost in the inner circles of me.
Flowing in and out of the inner circles within the spinning me.

You say where is she?
Oh, she’s round in the mix of things.